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Curated & Moderated by:
Anna-Kynthia Bousdoukou


The Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF) Dialogues is a platform that aims to develop new ways of thinking, build bridges of cooperation, and encourage creative public dialogue across geographic, social, and cultural limits.

58 Open discussions
23 Different locations
14 Topics

Through open discussions, live debates, opinions, topics and rich multimedia content, the SNF Dialogues foster the exchange of ideas, emphasizing the need for citizens to express themselves and communicate with each other, always rooted in the values of equity and diversity. Democracy, political values, global economy, social change, artificial intelligence, mental health and the future of our planet are some of the important issues that are addressed by the SNF Dialogues.

24 Opinions
Anna Kynthia Bousdoukou

The SNF Dialogues are curated and moderated by Anna-Kynthia Bousdoukou, are held through the journalism non-profit organization iMEdD (incubator for Media Education and Development) and are free and open to everyone.

286 Dialoguers

Timothy Shriver

Chairman, Special Olympics International
To treat another with dignity is to recognize that no matter how much we may disagree and no matter how painful our relationships may have become, we can still recognize the worth of the other. Contempt demeans and destroys; dignity uplifts and heals.

Hahrie Han

Director of the SNF Agora Institute at Johns Hopkins University
Democracy is something you do, not something you have. Right now, we are treating it like something we have.
Appears on:
19 Talking (and Listening) Across Divides, 
33 The Interplay between Technology and Democracy: Pοtential and limitations, 
37 Τhe Power of Dialogue, 
55 Reconnecting in a Fractured Political Landscape, 
58 Consumers or Citizens

Sigal Ben-Porath

Presidential Professor of Education & Director of SNF Paideia at the University of Pennsylvania
To preserve and strengthen our democracy we need to make room for emotions in politics, but not to give up our agency and our capacity to control the decisions that each of us makes.
Appears on:
58 Consumers or Citizens

Anthony Marx

President of The New York Public Library
It is the symbolic power that people experience, of being welcome, without any papers, without any credentials, respected, in a space that is majestic. When I started this job, somebody said to me: ‘Oh that’s where the homeless go’. We should be proud of that, that’s where everyone can go: the Nobel laureates, the homeless, and everyone in between.
Appears on:
57 Beyond Books: How libraries can serve the public

Ares Kalandides

Urban scholar and Academic Advisor at New York University, Berlin
We need to understand libraries, books and knowledge as a public good. Public goods are under a very serious threat. And as an urban planner, I also see libraries as a public space. A public space does not need to be an open space. It can be, but that’s not the idea. The library has two characteristics; it’s open for everybody and it’s free, you don’t have to consume.
Appears on:
44 The Return to Public Space, 
57 Beyond Books: How libraries can serve the public

Nicholas A. Christakis

Sterling Professor of Social and Natural Science at Yale Universtiy
We are unlikely to have another serious respiratory pandemic in the next few decades, but it could happen. And I suspect, we will forget all the lessons of the current one when the next one happens, just like this one we forgot all the lessons of the past ones.
Appears on:
28 Waiting to Connect

SNF Dialogues. Diverse opinions, new ways of thinking

Audience and a big screen saying
Anna Kynthia Bousdoukou  at the SNF Dialogues event.
A guest speaker at the SNF Dialogues event
A guest speaker at the SNF Dialogues event
Anna-Kynthia Bousdoukou and other guests at the SNF Dialogues event
A guest speaker at the SNF Dialogues event
A guest speaker at the SNF Dialogues event
Anna-Kynthia Bousdoukou and other guests at the SNF Dialogues event in an exterior space with the Acropolis in the background
Anna-Kynthia Bousdoukou at the SNF Dialogues event
The large crowd gathered outside in a yard with bright lights over them
Man speaker holding the mic and speaks to the audience at the SNF Dialogues event.
A lot of individuals gathered in a hall, forming a sizable audience.
Anna-Kynthia Bousdoukou and other guests at the SNF Dialogues event
Anna Kynthia Bousdoukou and four guest speakers at the SNF Dialogues event.
A diverse group of individuals sitting at tables in an outdoor area discussing and having fun.
Co-president of SNF, Andreas Dracopoulos speaking at the SNF Dialogues event next to other guests
A large crowd of attendees seated outside of a church in broad daylight surrounded by a big tree
Anna Kynthia Bousdoukou and two guest speakers at the SNF Dialogues event.
Many people gathered around a dome where the SNF Dialogues event is held, at night.
Audience at the SNF Dialogues looking at stage.