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Evangelos Gerasopoulos

Evangelos Gerasopoulos

Research Director at the National Observatory of Athens and Director of the Greek GEO Office (Group on Earth Observation)

Dr Evangelos Gerasopoulos is an atmospheric physicist, research Director at the Institute for Environmental Research and Sustainable Development of the National Observatory of Athens. He is specialized in the observation and simulation of atmospheric composition change and its impacts on climate and health. He has worked as a researcher, among others, at the Max Planck Institute, Biogeochemistry Department, in Germany. He is the Director of the Greek GEO Office (Group on Earth Observations, member of the Programme Board of the intergovernmental Group on Earth Observations (GEO/UN) and the newly established Special Scientific Committee on Climate Change. In the past he has served as member of the Sectorial Scientific Council for the Environment and Energy of the National Council for Research and Technology.