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Anna-Kynthia Bousdoukou
Thodoris Chondrogiannos SNF Dialoguer Profile

Thodoris Chondrogiannos


Thodoris Chondrogiannos is a journalist. In 2015, he graduated with a Law degree from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens but soon realized that he was interested in meeting people and sharing stories, so he followed a career in journalism. He has worked for Greek and international media, such as the Inside Story, the Italian RAI radio-television and the German ZDF channel, in the production of both written and audiovisual content. He speaks English, German, Italian and Russian. In 2019, with the support of iMEdD, he created his debut full-length documentary, titled “Dead Silence” (Σιγή Ιχθύος), which addresses the issue of overfishing in the Mediterranean during the climate change era. He enjoys spending his time at the cinema or, at the very least, watching series on Netflix.

Dogfighting is inextricably linked to other crimes. When we investigate the issue of dogfighting, it's like investigating arms and drug dealing.