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Anna-Kynthia Bousdoukou
Thibeaux Hirsh SNF Dialoguer Profile

Thibeaux Hirsh

Member of the SNF Nostos Youth Advisory Committee

Thibeaux Hirsh has lived most of his life in Los Angeles where he had the opportunity to attend a French-American International Lycée from grade school until the end of middle school. In the interest of pursuing an American high school experience, he switched to a Polytechnic school where he furthered his knowledge in languages, culture, and film. Most recently, he started his studies at the Wesleyan University where he hopes to continue his exploration of humanities disciplines. According to Thibeaux Hirsh, the notion of health has become omnipresent, and therefore deconstructing and discussing how we can contribute to a healthier world has become especially important to him.”

I’ve found social media to provide a sort of distorted reality as a result of the algorithms, the feedback loops, and for myself it has resulted in a lower general appreciation for life than when I’m off social media.