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Curated & Moderated by:
Anna-Kynthia Bousdoukou
Stavroula Tsinorema SNF Dialoguer Profile

Stavroula Tsinorema

Professor of Philosophy and Bioethics

Stavroula Tsinorema is Professor of Philosophy and Bioethics, Director of the Joint Postgraduate Programme in Bioethics ( and Director of the Centre for Bioethics at the University of Crete. Her main publications include research in moral and social philosophy, bioethics, ethics of science, epistemology and the philosophy of language. She has been a member of the European Commission’s “Expert Group to advise on specific ethical issues raised by driverless mobility”, which issued the "Independent Expert Report on the Ethics of Connected and Automated Vehicles, 2020" (!VV67my). She is Head of the Research Ethics Committee (REC) at the University of Crete and of the Hellenic Pasteur Institute as well as Vice Chair of the REC at the National Centre for Social Research. She is also a member of the Scientific Committee of the Greek Patients Association, member of the Committee on Bioethics and the Ethics of Sciences as well as the Committee on Human Rights, of Fédération Internationale des Sociétés de Philosophie and member of the Scientific and Technical Advisory Board (STAB) of the European Research Infrastructure Consortium "LifeWatch ERIC".

Public communication must obey ethical rules. First of all, when information is transmitted by an expert, it must be credible and, secondly, the messages we send to society must be unambiguous.