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Anna-Kynthia Bousdoukou
Gerasimos Panastasatos Bio

Gerasimos Papanastasatos

Sociologist, Criminologist and Research Director at KETHEA

Gerasimos Papanastasatos has a Ph.D in Social Studies and is a sociologist and criminologist. Since 1992, he has been Head of the KETHEA Research Department. He has been involved in addictive behavior research since the late 1980s, designing and implementing research projects for addiction treatment and prevention evaluation in Greece and aboard. He is visitor lecturer at the National and Kapodistrioan University of Athens, the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and the Frederick University of Cyprus, member of technical committees and several professional and scientific associations as well as member of the editorial board of scientific journals and reviewer of scientific articles and organizing committees of international and national conferences. As senior advisor to the National Drug Coordination Office, he participates in the Board of the EMCDDA, the Bureau of the Council of Europe’s Pompidou Group, the UN Commission on Narcotic Drugs and the EU’s Horizontal Drug Group.