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Eleni Andreadis

Eleni Andreadis

Writer and Sustainability Specialist

Eleni is a best-selling author, educator and sustainability specialist. She graduated with a Masters from Harvard University focusing on Environmental Policy and Media. She has consulted various companies on sustainability issues as well as presented, produced and consulted channels and media organisations, such as the BBC, Participant Media and Green TV in the UK, the US and Canada. She is the author of the environmental middle-grade chapter book "Justin Grey and the Earthkeepers" and the best-selling book series "Planet Agents", which won the State Award for Children's Knowledge Book in Greece and was shortlisted for several international awards, including the prestigious IBBY award. The book series has been translated in numerous countries around the world, such as the US, China, Turkey, Egypt and countries in the Middle East. Eleni is the Director of Sustainability for the Sani/Ikos Group and the founder of the non-profit organisation "Planet Agents", which aims to empower children to take action on environmental issues.