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Anna-Kynthia Bousdoukou
Dave Goulson Bio

Dave Goulson

Professor of Biology, University of Sussex, UK

Dave Goulson is Professor of Biology at the University of Sussex, UK. He has published more than 350 scientific articles on the ecology of insects. He is the author of Bumblebees (OUP 2010), and of several bestselling popular books including A Sting in the Tale (2013), A Buzz in the Meadow ( 2014), The Garden Jungle (2019) and Silent Earth (2021), collectively translated in 20 languages. Goulson founded the Bumblebee Conservation Trust in 2006, a charity that has grown to 12,000 members.  

The world wouldn’t really work without insects... I hate to sound like a crazy, end-of-the-world doomsayer, but if we let insects continue to decline it will be catastrophic for all of us, we will not be able to feed the world.